Deleted Precious Screen Shot

November 28, 2010


Well, I’m glad they cut this out.


Girl, boom.

In stores at your local Radio Shack, Pet Smart, Sears, Rainbow Clothing, and Quick-E-Mart.


Being the album whore that he is, pillow-rapper and Lil’ Wayne’s ex-boo, Drake releases a special holiday edition of his album “Thank Me Later.” I am not quite sure if there will be any new material on the album, but word on the street is that Drake is collaborating with Mr. Carter and Trina on a song that samples a black man saying “I fucked me a white bitch in my friend’s living room.”

So far, Drake has pushed 1.1 million copies of his debut album. Now, if we can push those eyebrows.


I’m interested in hearing what this album sounds like. I know that Toya doesn’t have much of a vocal prowess, but sonically, I suppose that this album will be filled with nothing but autotune and gospel runs from Nivea. Do you have any expectations for the upcoming album? Let’s hear ’em.

Don’t never say I ain’t gave you nothing for free.


Ciara finally got a track listing for “Basic Instinct.” Where that release date, doe?

Lady Gaga is coming out with a new album, too. Nice.

Why Must I Care?

November 23, 2010

As I was walking through the door of my apartment, my suitemate stopped me to tell me about something happening with North and South Korea. Now, I don’t want to sound like an asshole (And, I really don’t care if I sound like an asshole.), but I didn’t care enough about what was going on in another country simply because our country’s already screwed up enough. On top of that, I had 15 minutes to get all the way from Clairmont to the Calloway building without being late. What was more important: listening to what’s going on in Korea or getting to class on time? Common sense would tell you that I chose neither options and decided to spend 20 minutes in Cox Hall eating a chicken biscuit and sipping over-priced Minute Maid orange juice.


Seriously, though, I know that a country may be destroyed, but as a college student, how much am I supposed to care? In between procrastinating on schoolwork and stalking people’s Facebook pages, I have no time to brush up on the status quo of America’s international relations. I’d much prefer to look at my timeline on Twitter, reading about one of my followers vouging in her room to no music because she just smoked some “bomb ass weed.”


“You need to know about what’s going on in the world.” Girl, boom. I need to know what’s going on in my world and in the lives of the Real Housewives of Fulton County. My world consists of arriving late to class, sleeping, snatching wigs, stepping on the backs of people’s shoes when they walk too slow, taking extremely long showers because I hate the word “sustainability” (It sounds like a Cambodian shampoo.), and caring about things that directly affect me. But, I am sensitive to things that don’t directly affect me, too. I’m not completely heartless. But, I do get tickled at the thought of fat people toppling over into the street, acting as a speed bump for the Cliff Shuttles.


Back to the situation in Korea! A major city could possibly be destroyed because people want to act like little kids. I really wish countries would do like my grandmother should do: mind your business. If you mind your business and work to uplift one those around you, then everything would be fine. That’s easier said than done, however, it’s my solution to everything. Are you and your best friend still fighting over that cute girl you met at the party last week? Mind your business. She has herpes anyway, and one of you didn’t use a condom. You don’t like Baby Phat jeans? Mind your business. You’re not wearing them, so be happy that God blessed you with a Platinum Fubu shirt, Dickie’s shorts, and converse heels.


Am I that bad of a person for not giving two middle fingers about what happened in Korea? Probably so, but I’m too busy minding my business, listening to Keri Hilson sing Beyoncé’s leftover tracks that she offered to Kelly Rowland, and laughing at your lazy eye in your Facebook profile picture. While you’re sitting around debating about America’s next move in the situation between North and South Korea, I’m minding my business, wondering how flexible Nicki Minaj’s camel toe has to be in order for it to come in contact with a man’s sideburns.


I’m sure you’re probably sitting here thinking that I’m insensitive or ignorant, and I don’t blame you. I, too, would think that someone is ignorant for having little—if any—compassion for a situation between two country’s completely capable of resolving issues between one another without beating each other’s asses, eighth grade bus stop style.